Fix Corporate Catering Boredom

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting waiting for the catered lunch to arrive only to discover that it is completely unappetizing or unhealthy?! It happens all the time! Being healthy all the time, not just at home or in the gym, is a constant focus now for many companies.  More businesses are offering healthier snacks like fresh fruit in their breakrooms and various ways to stay in shape like standing desks.  If you are going to be a health-conscious business, you have to change more than you’re a few snacks and desks. You have to change your culture and that’s where Jen Milton Catering comes in with fresh, healthy corporate catering options that will ignite any meeting!

The majority of our business is focused on delivering healthy, delicious food to offices near you!  This is our goal and we do it well! In addition to providing healthy dishes, it is our mission to do our part to preserve our Earth by using compostable trays and dishes.  And very soon, you’ll be able to order our amazing food in a quicker and easier way - our new corporate catering ordering site! 

Through our new ordering site, you’ll be able to order our new Hors D’Oeuvres platters!  These ready to serve party platters will be presented on compostable trays in line with our Earth friendly values. Our platters and bowls are perfect for corporate and social cocktail parties, receptions, and meetings.  They will even come in handy if you are putting together a little spread to wow your friends and family.  From gourmet cheese boards and vegetarian antipasti to spanish tapas board with chorizo skewers, goat cheese stuffed peppers and manchego cheese these offerings will have your coworkers or guests drooling! Give us a try for your next meeting, your coworkers will thank you!

jennifer milton
Must Try Dishes at JMC

Jen Milton Catering isn’t popular just because the name is awesome! We are known for the freshness of our dishes.  Our food is very seasonal and produce focused.  Each plate is a culinary representation of the season. 

On this episode, of what’s your favorite dish…we have one of our most popular dishes right now was created and perfected by the fabulous kitchen team, called "Pollo Al Carbon".  This dish features chicken thighs marinated in a smoky flavorful marinade and grilled to perfection.  The tender entrée is accompanied with esquites.  If you don’t know, esquites is mexican grilled street corn.  It is a side dish of grilled corn cut off the cob with a dressing that’s smoky, cheesy and tangy. We have a theme and it is soooo good! 

Opposite this dish, we prepare a lovely salmon brushed with aromatic herb oil and topped with a house made chimichurri. The acid and herbs in the chimichurri sauce lend itself to the richness of the salmon creating a symphony in every bite. We offer food that is very flavorful, healthy and light. We want the flavors to punch you in the mouth and leave you blissfully satisfied all in one meal.You’ll walk away saying I just ate something so good that it can’t be healthy!

jennifer milton
Something New is Brewing at Jen Milton Catering

It’s time for new tastes! We are excited to announce that we have overhauled our menu to bring you ...

Jen Milton Catering was grown from the creative yearning our owner and executive chef, Jen Milton possessed. From this she has grown into what you see now. But nothing stays the same and in food, that's a great thing!

Change to the tastes buds are like a breath of fresh air. The combination of flavors can delight the senses and elevate the palate. When approaching the task of updating the menu, we use a different perspective. We focused on technique and producing seasonal dishes utilizing what our garden and the farmers market has to offer.

The simple but delicious meals that now star on our personalized menus focus on seasonality are more vegetable focused than the previous menu. We are excited over here and cannot wait for you to order from the new menu for your corporate catering needs. Please feel free to give us a call so that we can impress upon your attendees that even in the food, we care!